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I can tell its Monday…

I’ve already stubbed my toe on our ugly driftwood table in the living room landing me a lovely shank sized splinter. (I swear someday that table will be FIREWOOD!) I’m sure it will heal by my marathon next Sunday. I’m just that full of optimism and that’s the first thing that happened. Secondly, my wonderful child chose to play hide and stink AGAIN right after I painted my nails this morning. So that epic fail is really all my fault. I should have painted them last night at 11:30pm before falling asleep instead of this morning when I had a free moment and everything I thought was under control… Arrg. I found the stinking child and luckily by the time I wrangled her upstairs the nails were tacky enough I don’t think they smudged much. That I can I see anyway… Honestly, I really do appreciate these crazy moments. It’s all a part of the journey making each step forward toward my goals all the more worth it.

So for now, I’ll just sit here working away and listen to Rapunzel the movie play that song in the background “When will my life begin,” for the thousandth time.  Oh the irony.

Over the weekend me and mini-me went down to the shore (because that is what you call it in NJ!!). I had won a free entry to the “Run While you Can 5k” event which was in Toms River, NJ. That’s technically exit 82A for all you GSP nerds. LOL The race was entirely in Winding River Park, which I had never previously been too but it’s certainly a lovely little NJ gem worth taking the kids and family too. The course was a winding bike path under the cover of lush trees in the shade. Considering NJ was having its third day of a heat wave of over 90 degree weather it was nice to have the shade.

The race director let me bring mini-me and run with the baby jogger so we could participate. I tried starting in the back of the pack figuring we’d go easy and slow but ending up passing many of the runners ahead of us. Heat, luck, whatever it was we ended up placing 3rd in Mommy’s age group and ran/pushed the 5k in a time of 26:38. I ended up placing 18th out of 70 finishers and fifth female overall. A really pleasing performance as it’s so hard to find 5ks or races in general that will let you use a baby jogger. It was a great race that raises money for Parkinson’s disease research with the Light of Day Foundation, something very close and personal to the race director’s heart. (The credit for the photo below goes to the photographer from the race – sorry I don’t know his name)


Then we were off to the beach, sure to get sand everywhere for days and days after. Mini-me loved it! And by love, I mean she kept running back to the water as fast as her little legs would get her there until her adorable teeth were chattering like those chicklet gum candies. We checked out the boardwalk, beach and Seaside Heights. I used to go there as a kid every summer for as long as I can remember. It’s tough to see the homes and sections still devastated, slowly coming back from Hurricane Sandy. Seeing this kind of stuff puts life into a better perspective, especially with those awful tornadoes in Oklahoma right now. We left once the sun sleepiness started to set in and headed home.


I ended the weekend by coming up with a tasty new smoothie recipe to enjoy. Using whatever produce I had leftover in the house. I call it: Apple – Carrot – Lemonade.


I peeled the following and cut them up for the Vitamix:
2 large Gala Apples, 1 Bartlet Pear, a handful or more of baby carrots (already peeled).
The juice of 1 lemon, but feel free to add more for the lemonade taste.
Finally, about a cup of chilled coconut water.

Blend until smoothie texture and then enjoy! I hope your weekend was as much fun as mine.


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Some of you might have noticed that today should have been my “Exam from Hell”… But due to an unfortunate Act of God or some other higher hurricane creating power I now have even more time to suffer and study for this exam. I was in a panic on Monday because I kept calling the testing facility with this sinking feeling that it might not be open due to the wide spread power outages and flooding in the area. Well, I was right and called Pearsons to reschedule since I hadn’t gotten the cancellation email just yet… that was Monday. I got the email late Tuesday night saying the testing site was closed. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!! Seriously? I wanted to burn this test book already. With the winter temperatures since the Nor’Bastard snow storm I don’t know if we can afford to heat the house like this until March… It’s been stressful, distracting, putting me in a terrible mood at home. I don’t like myself like this and I can imagine my family doesn’t either. 20 more days… 20 more days… I’m sure many of you have been there before, stressed about an upcoming event that could bring alot of potential and open doors to you both professionally and personally. I think I tried every procrastination technique available, shopping, eating, race planning… cleaning, sleeping… ect. A good friend of mine and colleague put things into perspective by asking me what the worst possible outcome was and what was I afraid of?

The worst thing that could happen is that I fail the exam and I have to retake it. I’m afraid people might think less of me if I don’t pass this exam.

That’s it?!?!

Yeah, pretty much.

And then I gave this whole exam some more thought, like what/who people will think less of me? Why should their opinion matter? Any job I might apply to in the future isn’t going to ask how many times I took the exam anyway, they don’t even ask for my school transcripts now… It’s more like, “You have a degree and student loan debt? Me too, great, you got the job!” So while I’m studying and refreshing material from my graduate school days that I never even use/apply in my job, I’m thinking of this as a stepping stone. There’s no backup plan here, I’m not checking the schedule to see when I could “retake” this exam when I fail because I am going to make that simply NOT AN OPTION.

So just like I would train for a race, I’m going to have to buckle down the next twenty days and give it my all. Really squeeze out the discipline. Uhh which I know I can be terrible at, but the payoff will be so much greater. I won’t pass the exam if I don’t put the time in, just like I won’t finish a race unless I put the miles in. Only way to “git er done.”

Although, today’s act of procrastination might leave you wondering how I finished graduate school in the first place…
Isn’t he cute? Instead of buying a turkey hat for my 5k soon to be PR race, I’m going to make one to attach to one of my winter beanie hats. What??!!? I assure you this project will take no time at all from my studying… I think. So stay tuned for more updates on my PR gobble hat!!

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I think it’s been well established by now that when I’m stressed I have the attention span of a goldfish. Nevermind the studies that argue this reported fact. If I read it on the interwebs, it must be true. I just hope to God my daughter doesn’t write her future school book reports based on interweb research. I can see it now… her teacher calling me to discuss this, what she’s only 2.5 years old? Huh? Not a primary resource? Bullshiiiiiit. Oh right. There I went down that distracted path. Again.

Oh look there’s a castle. What? Food? Oh look there’s a castle.

Just to save my sanity I’m going to try and relax this weekend and study. I mean it, really study. Oh right with that impending Hurricane Sandy… and going to an Indigo Girls concert tonight… I am probably the worst post-graduate student on the planet right now. *sigh*

Anyway… Here’s my weekend to do list:
1. Grocery Shopping – storm withstanding we still need food or we’ll starve this weekend. I haven’t cooked dinner in a week and the Mr. was kind enough to remind me of this…
2. Master the Generator protocol. Complete with the “Man of House’s” directions we will be practicing drills just to make sure I don’t accidentally kill any pole workers.
3. Attend birthday party for a child and meet parents I do not know. Get said present for party within the “I don’t really know you budget.”
4. Make turkey chili, sweet potato soup and other freezable foods.
5. Make cupcakes for Monkey’s school party. Buy cups and plates because that’s what I got suckered into for school. As if the tuition fees didn’t cover this stuff…
6. Pray we don’t loose power and food goes bad. (Please refer to #’s 2 and 4.)
7. Finish Laundry.
8. Get in two runs minimum, with one being a long run at least over 14 miles.
9. Buy a turkey hat.

So that’s just the basics I can remember right now. I’m pretty sure there’s a ton more but my mind is spacing out over this exam. What? Confused about the turkey hat? Right, so with all the pending stuff going on I also signed up for a Turkey Trot 5k nearby. (I know what you’re thinking, if I have time to write a check, fill out an application and mail it, I should be studying. I know, blah, blah, blah…) So nearby in fact, I relish rolling out of bed each year to run it. This is going to be my third year running the Krogh’s Annual Turkey Trot. My times haven’t been great but I attribute that to it’s rolling hill course and the 3 foot tall kids who crowd the front of the line with the local cross country team and then die off after the first mile, only to get in your way as you try to dodge around them (somebody needs to teach them race etiquette!!). That’s exactly why I want, no I NEED a turkey hat this year. Nobody screws with a runner wearing a turkey hat. Here are just a few choices I found in my distracted search:

Gobble! Gobble!

Does it taste better after it’s been worn?

I could only find my official time from 2010 which was 24:20:68, I’m pretty sure my time from last year was just above 24 minutes. It wasn’t great by any means but I wasn’t doing any speed work at that time and I was still working on loosing much of the baby wieght I still had hanging on. So this year for my goal, I want to run in the 23’s. I’ve had some good mile sprints recently so I know I can rock this time. I’ve been running hills consistantly and I know the course. That’s my goal and I’m not giving myself an out. I’ll just have to trample all those folks in front of me on my way to the finish line.

After all, I’ll have lots of post race turkey to eat…

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