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Lots of things have been happening here as per the “Sneakers, Bananas and Spears” life model. Lots of run-racing, clean eating – making sure I get my monies worth out of my Vitamix and writing in between jobs and mom-responsibilities. So on our vacation over Memorial Day I had plenty of time to ponder my next steps between rest stops and eating handfuls of Teddy grahams, which incidentally are the best snack ever. I’m finally looking forward to the daunting task of editing and formatting my book (yes I wrote a book, where have you been?). Mostly she’s been sitting in a word document saying snarky teenage crap and I’ve decided that this “baby” of mine needs to start paying rent. So I’m kicking her out of the nest. Soon. If I don’t revert and bite all my nails off nervously in the process. See I wrote this book with the full intention of it being a hip, awesome “Tom Clancy” -esque thriller… but as luck would have it, my characters decided they wanted a little action together *gasp* and so now they are waaaaayyyy more romantically involved than I planned for them to be. *sigh* Jerks just can’t keep thier clothes on and honestly, parts of it embarrass me!

Anyway some fun highlights from our Vacation in the Fingerlakes, specifically Seneca Lake…
cat in bike shop
Because you always need an awesome, badass looking cat in a bike shop. I think I need to name this cat and add him to one of my stories. He’s so beautiful and intense looking. His personality just screams, “Come in my bike shop and I will scratch you up.”
Some of our friends hate cheese, but in our house we love it. So tell me, where do you find Cheese? Apparently, here. No. I mean, over there. To the RIGHT!!!! LOL
GO BANANAS! My daughter loved watching these kids more than she did me, although I did hear her cheering me on at one sweet point. There were four of them originally, but two finished much later. I couldn’t help myself and needed my picture with these banana kids. This was taken at the Corning, NY Glassfest 8k. Check out my super cool glass “medal.” I don’t run many 8k distances and at first I could have sworn it was closer to 4 miles than 5, but hey, what’s another mile?? I PR’d at 36:52 and kept my pace around 7:24. I thought I was going to hurl my breakfast post run in the freezing cold but I managed to hold on and keep it classy. 🙂
On our way home, we took a boat ride on Seneca Lake and then finished it by going to Watkins Glen Falls. Pretty little town we hope to come back too as it has so much to do and see in the surrounding areas, especially if you love wine as much as I do. It was fun up until my lovely child decided that on a slippery stone staircase it was a fabulous time for a muddy temper tantrum… I swear people get crazy nosey when your kid freaks out and all I wanted to do was leave, but we were stuck traversing the path with a screaming child flailing her arms and legs. *pfft* From this moment forward I have vowed to torture her by forcing her attendance at running events and museums until she is 18. In fact, I think we need to go back to Corning and walk through the Glass Museum since they only let me browse the gift shop. Enjoy those apples kid.

In other news, I have a winner for my Malya Rosa headband contest. Yay for Theresa S.! She gets to pick out her favorite design to enjoy and wear. More news will be forth coming as an Ambassador for Diet-to-Go’s June campaign as it gets underway. (Contests, twitter parties and such!) Hopefully a book teaser will appear here over the weekend. Who knows? *snicker*

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