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I decided I needed to do some speedwork this week.

I was really pressed for time and needed to hustle to get my workout in. Originally, I was hoping to run 5 solo, pick up the monkey in the jogging stroller and run another 4 miles or so pushing my paycheck eater most wonderful child on the planet.

What ended up happening was running a 10k PR. I had laid off pushing myself since returning from Michigan so my legs could rest and I could assess to make sure my foot and hip pain was not anything significant to worry about. I’m the person who will lay awake at night fretting over how a twinge of pain might impact my next race. I used to not really care and would push through runs and races, but having a child to chase after and really busy work days means I have to be 100% functional even injured. Anyway, I was pain free but limited on time. I ended up running my hilly loop from the house which is a good 10k distance. I didn’t have my watch charged so I had to rely on my phone to track my time. No watch meant no pace per mile or random calorie killing checks. I had to “go old school.” I checked the time on my phone and head out the door. Up and over some hills and decents just pushing myself with ease. I focused on my breathing and how my form felt. Halfway through I looked at my phone and saw I was only 22 minutes in at my informal 5k mark. HOLY CRAP! Seriously, I was just planning to push my self “just enough” and get these hills under my feet. I decided I might as well keep the current pace and see how I was feeling. By the end after stopping for traffic to cross the road I made it home in 44:50. Sub 45 minutes for a 10k. My previous PR was a 47 and change. This was freaking awesome!

I did however have some casualties and got a huge hankering blister under my big toe and cut it underneath the foot. Ouch! Probably some rock sliver that came home from Michigan in my sneaker bag. I figured the evening called for a celebration so I went out and bought new kicks. Some pretty Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8. Look at these bad girls! I think the color palate is: “Throw Uppingly Delicious!” Now I’ll have to run faster so I don’t look foolish in the bright hot mess.


Hope ya’ll are treating your feet to some new kicks or flip flops even. Today, June 21st is National Flip Flop day. Look it up, it’s true! XOXO

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