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If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve talked about Diet-to-Go’s easy meal program in the past. As a part of their Ambassador Program they asked me to try out their meals again and share my thoughts with you on them. I selected the Vegetarian meal plan because I’m not a real big meat eater unless it’s the occasional steak or shrimp kind of deal. I love my veggies and my crazy schedule loves Diet-to-Go and how easy it makes my life at meal planning and preparation.


See?!?! Who doesn’t love common sense healthy meals with no fuss?

Before I get into the meals (which will be a longer review later this weekend) I wanted to again remind you to join their June Sweepstakes promotion. Head on over to their Facebook page and check it out. Don’t forget to “Like” their page also.

You have an awesome chance to win some prizes. Five lucky folks could win one week of free meals and the grand prize winner could win a whole month of free meals!! Can you imagine?!?! An entire month of no cooking, no grocery shopping or meal planning and prep!?!? It’s like a vacation the idea is so thrilling to me since my kitchen became a fun killer with my new work schedule. So please check out the sweepstakes and enter.

Diet-to-Go is also hosting a Summer DietBet game. The game will launch on June 28th and run for 28 days. You weigh in and submit a photo to be verified at the start and end of the game. For anyone who is shy or worried, don’t be! You can keep your weight and the photos confidential so only you see them. The cost to join is $25 and if you “win” your “diet bet” by losing 4% of your weight you spilt the total pot of money with the winners. It’s really simple and fun. Winners could also win a $50 gift card from Diet-to-Go.

Another way to interact with this great company is through Google + Community: “Common-Sense Healthy Living” Now admittedly, I am pretty new at the whole Google + Community, lots of sharing and circles which could make a newbie tech person like me a little dizzy, but I suggest you check it out. There are lots of great tips, articles and information to help keep you motivated to slim down in a healthy way.

And while we’re at it, Diet-to-Go is letting us as Ambassadors share some of the savings with you our readers. For a limited time only we can share a “gift card” with you which is good for $50 off a week of meals. What better way to give them a try and save some cash for things like a cute new swim suit or summer shoes??


So what are you waiting for?? Diet-to-Go saved me hours of kitchen time the first time I reviewed their delicious meals (I am totally not kidding about that statement!) and that time savings continues again. I can’t wait to share with you the new meals I’ve gotten to try this time.

I received a week of meals to review as my compensation and all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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